Why in a rush?

“Hey! What do you want to be in the future?”
“Um… I don’t know.”
“…(raises one eyebrow) I’m being serious here. What are you good at?”
“No, I’m being serious too. I don’t know what I’m going to end up doing….”

Everyone has something they like to do, what they enjoy doing, and it will come to them eventually. It’s just that people are too BUSY to find out what they are really talented on.

Korean people, are too busy. They are always in a rush as if someone is chasing them down the road. Don’t ask me but just look around you. Koreans are so busy sometimes it’s curious what they are ‘thinking’ when they are ‘doing.’ Sometimes I feel like the world is being fast forwarded, unstoppable and uncontrollable. Is it because we don’t think when we act? No. It’s because we think TOO much, everything at the same time. Just in case you haven’t learned in science class or in psychology, we only have one brain to live with. Just when we organize our USBs (I’m sure you wouldn’t need all your freshmen projects in your senior year…), we need to stop in life, give ourselves a pause, and start again, steady in a continuous beat. Bibidi Babidi Boo!

“Compared to Americans, Koreans average 560 more hours at work a year — the equivalent of 70 more eight-hour days”
(Blaine Harden). In a nationwide poll last year, two-thirds of South Koreans admitted to being workaholics. Hmm, not surprised.

Me, as a pure Korean, can’t agree more to the fact that Koreans are too busy. I’m not pointing out that being busy has only its disadvantages, don’t get me wrong. Koreans have this permanant thought of believing in statements “staying up all night should become a habit because it is the prime time to work” or “I can learn and observe many things in life while studying when others sleep.” Yes, I get that. But make sure you’re staying up all night doing something you enjoy doing. Nobody can do well in everything. Everyone is gifted in one thing and we need to search for that special gift in life in order to be workaholics in a job we LIKE.

At work.

“Hey, do you want some coffee?”
“Sure. Here. Let me give you 600 Won.”
“Nah. I’ll buy you one. Black coffee or just original?”
“Original, please.”

We see many coffee vending machines in Korea. At work, you see many people trying to get a cup of coffee. But something funny is that even when the red light signal is still blinking, we’re always in a rush and have our hands on the cup. Why in a rush?

Pubic Transportation.

“Whew. We could have missed the bus if we were one minute late!”
“Oh wait. (to the bus driver) Excuse me! Someone’s trying to get on the bus!”
(Bus doesn’t stop)
“Man. That guy has no respect…”
“Well, Korean bus drivers are just like that. I’m sure he’ll scream at us if we say anything about being polite.”
“Haha, let’s not even try.”
“Oh my GOODNESS. That was close. He was so close to making a car accident!”
“Do Korean bus drivers know what the RED and the GREEN light is for?”
“This is why I try to walk rather than use the public transportation…”

Yes, some people might end up doing jobs they are not interested in. But at the moment, we have to make sure we do our jobs right with a positive attitude. Nothing works when you disobey rules. Then why would there be laws and the police? Nothing works when you act negatively. What fun would there be if you are always grumpy and mad in what you are currently doing? Be happy and glad in what you are doing and the ‘day’ will come. The day you find your real interest in something and the day you can automatically laugh and smile in the fact of being a workaholic in something you love. Bus drivers,
why in a rush?

Maybe being in a rush is not something that only happens in Korea. What I want you to come across is simply, don’t be in a rush. You lose track and you lose the beat. 1,2,1,2. 3,4,3,4. When you pace yourself, you’ll be able to find something you really love to do. I believe that I am in the age period of really considering what I want to end up doing. And it really doesn’t matter how old you are right now. It’s never late. Stop and have a talk with yourself. Put ’em together and what have you got? Bibidi Babidi Boo!

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